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Top 3 Spring Cleaning Tips!

Top 3 Spring Cleaning Tips!

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning can be extremely overwhelming. It’s hard to find the time to clean in the first place let alone the deep cleaning that Spring Cleaning requires. Not surprisingly, 54% of Americans find it hard to get motivated to Spring Clean. If you are a part of the majority or know someone who is, learn these Top 3 Spring Cleaning Tips! 

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3 Tips

  1. Create a Schedule
    What parts should you give most of your attention to? What areas need the most work? By doing this first, you will have a good sense of direction.
  2. Top-Down 
    Don’t make the common mistake of cleaning the floors first then dust and have your floors messy, AGAIN! By cleaning from the top to the bottom, the situation will be avoided. That means LESS WORK FOR YOU.  
  3. Don’t Forget The Toilet! 
    The most dreaded part to clean in the restroom is the infamous toilet. While it is definitely not enjoyable to do, it is crucial. The Bathroom Disinfectant is a great option to get the job done(Tips).  

Company Spring Cleaning

We all get overloaded with the pressure to Spring Clean our homes, but what about the business we work at?! Dirty bathrooms set a bad work environment for employees and more importantly it scares customers away.

Deep cleaning restrooms even includes stocking up on items. We have all been to bathrooms where there is no soap or even worse, no toilet paper😷. It is the worst feeling and gives you a negative perception of the company. Don’t let your company be one of those guys!

Put an end to dirty bathrooms and supplies that are not stocked. City Uniforms and Linen is dedicated to providing you with the products and services to keep your employees and patrons comfortable and coming back. We offer ALL the essentials and more for your company restroom to give a positive impression that reflects the business.

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