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Start Your Workday on the Right Foot!

Start Your Workday on the Right Foot!

Picture this:

You’re on your way to work observing the beautiful winter scenery outside. The ground is covered with snowflakes glistening from the sun. Your Monday is already off to a great start. You pull into the parking lot as you mentally prepare for the work day ahead of you. With your pad-folio in your hand you take 1 step and your day starts to take a turn for the worse. You slip on the ice and your papers go everywhere! You take a moment and try to get yourself together.

As you walk into the door you realize you brought the snow in with your shoes.  Squeak! Squeak! Your shoes go every time you step while you leave a wet trail behind you. Before you know it, Splat! You slip and fall AGAIN because there was no mat 😑.

Does this represent a typical Monday for you?

While we can’t help you with your clumsiness, we can help you start your workday on the right foot!

You may be asking what the big deal is. A negative instance in the morning sets the mood for the rest of your day.  According to The Ohio State University, this leads to 10% less productivity!

With our Mat Service you will have no more slips and falls as you begin your workday. The durable floor mat absorbs the snow while staying in place with its slip resistant back.
Our Mat Service Promotes Your Business with your company’s high definition Logo, too! Let us help you put an end to the typical winter workday while creating brand awareness.

 See floor mats here!

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