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Promote Your Business Easily!

Promote Your Business Easily!

Keeping dirt outside can be a difficult task, especially this time of year. Yes, you can continue to sweep up the dirt with a standard broom, but that would be a very repetitive task. The time would add up quickly and you could use that time for something more productive.  

A simple solution to the problem is to install a mat. It would catch the dirt right as an employee or customer walks through the door. That way, there is no need to constantly clean up after every person who walks in to keep a nice company image. Mats also protect the floors surface from wear and control the amount of dirt, moisture, and other debris on the floor and in the workplace.  There are even specialized floor mats to sanitize sensitive areas and control bacteria! 


Another benefit of using mats is PROMOTING YOUR BUSINESS! Often, companies don’t utilize items that customers see. All you would have to do is simply place the mat at the desired spot and let the branding do itself! Literally, that’s all. City Uniforms and Linen can not only place your desired wording or logo on the mat, but we also pick up and clean the mats regularly. We offer a variety of order services such as direct purchase or a rental service to fulfill you and your company’s needs.  


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