Success In Cleveland Isn’t a New Thing!

June 19th, 2016 — a day which has brought more joy than seemingly any other day in the history of Cleveland to any native of the city, Ohioan, or Cleveland sports fan. On this day, Cleveland’s professional sports championship draught was over thanks to LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. And although many people think of Cleveland as not being a place where success has flourished in the past, THINK AGAIN! Years before the Cavs took down the Warriors bringing Cleveland their first championship since 1964, City Uniforms and Linen was and still is today a huge success and set the industry standard for personalized service, attention to detail and flexible programs with their linen rental program to the city of Cleveland. We are riding the coattails of Cleveland’s success and proud to be a part of the recent success in the city!

City Delivering Image in Cleveland

Our services that we provide include our linen service, mat rental, janitorial supply, and much more! The top priority of our company is to make your Cleveland and surrounding area facilities look amazing by providing them with outstanding quality and pricing on all of our services. Our sales representative will work with your company to build customized programs that are consistent with your company’s wants and needs and help reach the highest standard of excellence. So don’t worry Clevelanders, if the Indians or Browns can’t bring another championship to your city this year, we at City Uniforms and Linen will still be there to provide a tradition of winning and success.

Our mat rental and janitorial supply are both top-notch, with multiple products that are a necessity to your business. And the best part is, we bring all of this right to the doorstep of your establishment! Don’t let a dirty restroom create a negative impact on your business, let us provide the supplies for you to remain a winner in your area. We have developed programs to proactively manage your janitorial supplies making your life easier! Contact us today if you’re ready to go All-In and hop on the success train in Cleveland!

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