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Why Microfiber Is What Your Company Needs

Why Microfiber Is What Your Company Needs

What is Microfiber? 

Microfiber is an ultra-fine fiber that is split 16 times for superior cleaning. This is smaller than the diameter of a strand of silk, which is itself about 1/5 the diameter of a human hair! The structure traps and retains the dirt and also absorbs liquids. Microfiber products have exceptional ability to absorb oils and more!

Why Does My Facility Need to use Microfiber? 

  • Removes bacteria, even without chemicals. 
  • The most effective product on the market today for cleaning. 
  • It is what’s best for your staff and patients. 
  • Microfiber has more surface area allowing it to trap and hold more dirt and bacteria. Traditional products do not. 


  • Elimination of a room to room cross-contamination. 
  • 95% REDUCTION IN COSTS associated with mopping. 
  • 20% labor savings. 
  • Reduction in workers comp claims. 
  • Microfiber used only with water was 99.4% effective in removing bacteria from smooth surfaces.  

City Uniforms and Linen

Here, at City Uniforms and Linen, we want to keep our customers on the leading edge in cleaning. We provide training and education to our customers on the uses and benefits of microfiber products. That is a necessity since 100,000 deaths occur every ear from facility-acquired infections.

Let us not only help you keep your employees safe but give your customers a good impression of your business!

City Uniforms and Linen 

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