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Is Safety Important To You?

Is Safety Important To You?

Flame Resistant Apparel 

The sun is out and the weather is hot! It’s that time of year that we are all burning up! Summer is definitely a great relief from the never-ending winter that we were having.  It is important to know that workplace injuries SPIKE during the summer months (OccupationalSafety).   

What is Flame Resistant Apparel? 

That’s where flame resistant apparel comes in. Flame resistant apparel (FRA) is an article of clothing that when made in contact with fire will self-extinguish and prevent the person from receiving any injuries. Many workers wear it as a precaution, but it was designed for those who work in hazardous conditions.    

What Industries Need FRA? 

1. Oil & Gas  

2. Electric   

3. Manufacturing 


Where Can I Buy FRA? 

If safety is a high priority for you and your workers, then FRA is the answer!  

City Uniforms and Linen is committed to providing FR compliant uniforms that will exceed your company’s safety standards. Our flame-resistant apparel will give your workers comfort in addition to permanent fire resistance and arc flash protection.  

Proper protection from flash fire and arc flash is more than just purchasing or renting flame resistant apparel. It is also properly caring for and cleaning the garments to ensure their protection will last. That is why at City Uniforms and Linen we do more than just supply flame resistant uniforms and apparel, we also care for them.  

See FRA HERE.   

You can also purchase flame resistant clothing and apparel directly. Please visit to do so.  

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