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Dr. Dell Explains the FASTDRAW® System!

Dr. Dell Explains the FASTDRAW® System!

Have you ever wished your staff could mix cleaning chemicals quickly and accurately every time?  When cleaning chemicals are not properly diluted, it is like pouring money down the drain.  Enter the Betco FASTDRAW® 1 dispenser!  Reduce your cleaning costs by 30% with this simple solution.

The Betco FASTDRAW® 1 dispenser is small and compact with a design that fits virtually anywhere and allows you to get the right solution every time. The FASTDRAW® dispenser is extremely easy to install and makes it simple to change or replace products. The unit instantly primes, when disengaged the product drains back into container so there is never cross-contamination. The metering tips are already in the bottle, getting you the right dilution and clean tips with every bottle. The Educator system is more accurate over varying water flow rates or gravity drip system and with a flick of the lever you get either bottle or bucket fill solution.

Don’t believe us?  Watch as Dr. Dell demonstrates:

Dispenser Features

  • Installs in minutes! Ready to use, no special priming required.
  • No metering tips to change.
  • No guesswork, always get the correct dilution.
  • Sealed insert prevents drips or spills.
  • Color coded design to facilitate training and consistency.
  • Intuitive icons eliminate guesswork for filling uses.
  • Over 30 different cleaning products to meet a wide range of facility needs.

Typical Uses

  • Spray bottle and mop bucket/automatic scrubber use from the same package.
  • Universally accepted backflow prevention.
  • Small size fits anywhere.

Want to know more?  Download the complete FASTDRAW® brochure or contact us for an in house demonstration today!

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