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Avoid the Fall

Avoid the Fall

If any of you are like me, you’re prone to tripping over toys left out in the living room. It’s bound to happen at least once a week. I’ve accepted defeat on the home front, but I refuse to have the same hazards happen at work.

Throughout the years, City has made changes here and there to improve safety, and cleanliness in the workplace. More recently if we take a closer look at our ironer station specifically, two changes to note are the retractable hose and the shadow board.

These two changes are more critical than they may sound and are all part of our 5S implementation. For those of you who are unfamiliar with 5S, it is a systematic approach to workplace organization.

Prior to the retractable hose, there was a 50-foot hose that was left out on the ground and posed as a trip hazard. This hose was used to clear the lint from the ironer tables, which posed as a fire hazard. Pretty crucial to clear the lint! However, while we solved one safety hazard, we created another. This trip hazard was acknowledged, and a solution was found. The retractable hose is long enough to reach both tables and can be wound up out of the way when not in use. Yay!

Don’t get our 5S Manager started on shadow boards, he will go on and on. But he has good reason to. This simple solution of providing a designated spot for each item needed at a work station keeps the area supplied and neat. Everyone knows exactly where each tool goes when their done using it, thus preventing cluttered trip hazards. Way to go 5S!

What improvements has your company made?