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99 Problems, but Your Restroom Ain’t One

99 Problems, but Your Restroom Ain’t One

We know that cleanliness in the workplace is important, but there’s one place that may be a contender for the most important place to keep clean. It’s the one space in your business customers will always remember after they leave…. the restroom! Keeping your bathroom fresh and smelling great keeps employees happy and leaves an everlasting impression on customers to keep them coming back. Here at City Uniforms and Linen, we have a few products that can improve restroom cleanliness and cut the cost of keeping it fresh. With the FreshSeat, F-MATIC, OmniGuard, and floor mats, bathroom cleaning and maintenance never seemed so easy and cost-effective. Tell your City Service Representative to install one or more of these products for a limited time to sample the new scents and savings. Add this on to your existing service and receive one month free.

Keeping the toilet seat clean is important, but seat covers can be costly and awkward to use, not to mention all that paper waste. FreshSeat Toilet Seat Cleaner is an easy solution—it’s neater, faster, and safer than toilet seat covers. With up to 700 one-second sprays per can, you can save money and time that would be normally used for servicing.

Urinals can be the source of some of the toughest odors in the mens’ bathroom; there are a couple of different options when it comes to odor control and cleanliness:
1. The first is the F-MATIC Urinal Guard.
a. They conform to the urinal in order to protect against pipe clogging, and help lower plumbing costs.
b. Works in both wet and dry urinals and are available in a number fresh fragrances to keep the smell as fresh as the appearance!

2. The second option is the OmniGuard Cleaner
a. It acts as a cleaner, deodorizer, and descaler.
b. This cleaner removes years of buildup and prevents new buildup from forming, saving time, labor, and money. Another bonus, it holds eco-friendly, recycled refills that fit most urinals.

Not only is cleanliness important in the restroom, but so is safety! The floor of the bathroom can be a hazardous place with so much water around–slips become inevitable and germs can spread fast if not cleaned properly. Urinal Floor Mats are a great solution to both common issues, making restroom maintenance easier. They utilize Neutra Tech’s neutralizing agent in a crisp apple fragrance and are disposable which prevents cross contamination. The non-slip bottom accommodates both toilets and urinals, and the mats also contain Fungicide to fight germs and protect the floors from stains and uric acid.

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